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This UI control adds one bullet for each slide and user can change slide by clicking on each bullet. 
css class name: "ms-bullets"


NameDefault ValueDescription
autohidetrueWhether the control hides when mouse leaves the slider.
overVideotrueWhether the control visible over slide video while playing.
dir"h"Specifies the direction of control. It accepts two values "h" (horizontal) and "v" (vertical)
hideUndernullHides the control if width of slider comes less than specified.
align"bottom"Aligns the control to in or out of slider. It accepts "top" and "bottom" values.
margin10Specifies the space between the control and slider in pixel.
var slider = new MasterSlider();
slider.setup('masterslider' , {width:800, height:350});
slider.control('bullets' , {autohide:false  , dir:"v", align:"top"});
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