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Here you can find a list of available skins which are included in the download package.

You can change the slider skin by following these steps:

  • Find and upload your preferred skin from "skins" folder.
  • Import "style.css" from the skin folder into your page as following:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="masterslider/skins/light-2/style.css" />
  • Specify skin class name to your slider element


    <!-- masterslider -->
    <div class="master-slider ms-skin-light-2" id="masterslider">
        <!-- slides goes here -->
    <!-- end of masterslider -->


Slider Skins
ShapeNameClass Name
Light 2 ms-skin-light-2
Light 3ms-skin-light-3
Light 4ms-skin-light-4
Light 5ms-skin-light-5
Light 6ms-skin-light-6
Light 6 Roundms-skin-light-6 ms-skin-round
Black 1ms-skin-black-1
Black 2ms-skin-black-2
Black 2 Roundms-skin-black-2 ms-skin-round