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Since version 2.0, you can setup slider by using Master Slider jQuery Plugin. There is no difference between JS pure slider setup and jQuery plugin setup you can use all options in both.

    width: 700,
    height: 560,
    // more options...
    controls : {
        arrows : {autohide:false},
        bullets : {}
        // more slider controls...

You can see the list of all options here 
controls options in plugin specifies slider controls. For more information, check Slider UI Controls.

In some cases, you may need to access the slider JS object from a jQuery plugin instance. You can simply have access to it as shown in the code below :

var slider_obj = $('#slider').masterslider('slider');

You could also simply use slider API methods:

$('#slider').masterslider('gotoSlide' , 3); // moves to 4th slide.                 

And you can bind slider events , such as :

$('#slider').on(MSSliderEvent.CHANGE_START, function(e){
    // dispatches when the slider's current slide change starts.

For more information about slider API methods and events, check Slider API.