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There are two options on translating Master Slider.

Using our Online Translation Service (Recommended)

You can start translating Master Slider in a minute by using our online translation service

Using Poedit App


  • Download Poedit


(info) There are several apps available to help you with translating .PO files. PoEdit is a popular one, and it's available on every major platform. You can download it from here.

  • Start translating

(info) Open the default masterslider.po file from your /wp-content/plugins/masterslider/languages/ folder. When you save your work PoEdit will generate you a .MO file which will be needed to apply your work.

  • Name your files properly WordPress recognizes your localization by a special formatting of file names. You will need to include the right language and country codes so it can identify what language is your work made for.
    (info) For example, a French localization would have the file names: masterslider-fr_FR.po and You must follow this syntax, including the dashunderscore, and lower or uppercase letters.
  • Apply your localization
    (info) Copy your newly created .PO and .MO files into the /wp-content/plugins/masterslider/languages/ folder. WordPress should use them immediately if you named your files properly.

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