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You need to navigate to Slider Callbacks  .Here you can add or remove callback functions to the slider. First, select one type of callback function from the drop-down menu and click on Master Slider layer timeline to add it to the slider. Each callback function is a kind of event handler. You can add your custom script in the function,which the slider will execute when the event dispatches.

(info) You could also have access to the slider API by using API variable.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.

The procedures are listed as below .

var api =;
api.index();        // returns current slide index.
api.count();        // returns total number of slides.;         // next slide.
api.previous();     // previous slide.
api.gotoSlide(4);   // moves to 4th slide.
api.pause();        // pauses the slider timer.
api.resume();       // resumes the slider timer.
api.currentTime();  // returns the percentage of elapsed time.
api.destroy();      // removes the slider.

The properties are listed as below.                  // returns the object of slider options.
api.view                // returns the slider transition object.
api.view.slideList      // returns a array of all slides.
api.viwe.currentSlide   // returns the current slide object.