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This page describes the navigation and loading options for Master Slider which are divided into the following sections each described in the following : 

-Navigation options

-Slider navigation methods

-Slide preloading.

On this page:



Navigation options

In this Section you can set the Slider Navigation and pre-loading options for your slider as described below.

Slide showEnables the autoplay slideshow.
Loop navigationEnables the continuous sliding mode.
Pause at the final slideWhen enabled , the slider pauses slideshow when it reaches to the last slide.
Pause on hoverWhen enabled, the slider temporarily pauses the slideshow when mouse cursor moves over the slider.
Random orderWhen enabled, the slider uses random slide ordering.
Start with slide`Specifies the fist slide in the slider.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel. 

Slider navigation methods

in this Section you can set the "Slider Navigation Method" as described below.

Touch swipe navigationWhether the drag/swipe navigation is enabled.
Mouse swipe navigationWhether the user can use mouse drag navigation.
Use grab cursorWhether the slider uses grab mouse cursor while swiping with mouse.
Mouse wheelEnables mouse scroll wheel navigation.
Keyboard navigationEnables keyboard navigation.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.

Slide Pre-loading

Here, you can specify how the slider loads images. It supports three different methods which will be explained below.

Load slides in sequenceLoads slides in sequence
Load all slides before initialization

Loads all slides before initializing the slider.

(info) It is slower that other methods.

Load nearby slides

It load the slides in range of given number and current slide.

(info) When enabled , Number of slides option appears.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.