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Activating License:

By purchasing a direct license of Master Slider WordPress ( not receiving Master Slider as a bundled plugin in a theme ) and activating the license on your website, you are entitled to access to extra premium features that are only available to direct buyers of Master Slider.


By activating your direct license you get:


If you do not have any license of Master Slider WordPress Plugin , you can purchase a license from here.

How to Activate?

To activate your license on your website, navigate to Master Slider > Setting page in your WordPress admin panel, then under Enable Automatic Update tab insert your license credentials (Your Envato username and Purchase Code). 


If you do not know about your Envato username and Purchase Code please follow the steps in following images:








If you have previously activated your license on a website, you no longer are able to activate the same license on another domain. So If you plan to use your license for another website, you are expected to deactivate the license from the previous one, and then you are able to activate it on the new website.

Deactivating From Your Website:

If you have access to WordPress admin of the previous website, you can simply navigate to Master Slider > Setting page and click on deactivate license button. Now you can follow the same process and activate your license from the same page in Master Slider > Setting.


Deactivating and Managing License Remotely:

If you do not have access to your previous website (for instance, the website no longer exists), you can still deactivate your license by using the management options that are available in your user profile in averta support center.  

You can simply register and access to your user profile by your Envato account.

In your user profile, you have the list of purchases that you have made for Master Slider, and the websites that Licenses are activated on; plus, having option to deactivate each one by clicking on Deactivate License button.


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