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In this Section you can set general options for your slider as described below.

Slider nameSpecifies a name for your slider. It is only used in the admin area.
Slider widthBase width of the slider in pixels. Slider will re-size layers and other elements lower than this value.
Slider height

Base height of slider in pixels

(info) if enabled , automatically crops and re-sizes slider images based on the size above.

Slider sizing methodThe sizing method of slider. Using this feature you can make a full-screen or full-width slider even if it is not supported in your theme. It also supports boxed and "visible nearby slides" layouts.
Whether the slider adapts its height to each slide height.
Slider wrapper widthSet the wrapper width of slider (slider parent). If left blank, slider will automatically set it .(Slider uses this setting to align slider controls).

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.