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Hotspot layers are the circles which stand over the Slider and can show a content box by hovering the mouse on. You can add a HotSpot layer to your slide by using Hotspot Layer, its options are as described below.

Tooltip alignSelects the place of a tooltip on a hotspot layer here.
Tooltip max widthSets the max. width of Tooltip here.
Hold tooltip when the mouse cursor is over ittooltip does not disappear when mouse is over it.

Sets a URL on the slide and when the user clicks on the slide, it links it to the URL.

(info) You can select link opening behavior with the options of Open on the same page,

Open on new page

Bind action

Attaches an action to this layer. (a click event)

(info) By enabling Bind action Select action will appear, which you can select the action for this button. Available actions are Go to next slide, Go to previous slide, Go to slide, Pause timer, Resume timer and Scroll to bottom of the slider.

To add content of Hotspot Layer You need to use text editor to add, such as image, text and etc.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.