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It is recommended to purchase separate license key for Master Slider in order to receive the following premium features:

  • Instance, direct and automatic update for Master Slider plugin
  • Grant access to huge list of premium sample sliders (List is growing weekly)
  • One-click import and create slider
  • Access to premium and direct support at


If you do not have any license of Master Slider WordPress Plugin , you can purchase a license from CodeCanyon.


How to update and receive support if I do not purchase any direct license of Master Slider Plugin?

In such cases, you need to wait for your WordPress theme author to update Master Slider on their side and release the new update for both the theme and plugin. In addition, support related questions should be addressed to your WordPress theme provider.

Master Slider in Theme or Separate License?

There's a difference between obtaining Master Slider directly from us (averta) or in a theme. If you purchased from us, this means that you own the license and you can access our support center and get direct and free updates (instant). If you got Master Slider in a theme, that means that theme author has a license and he/she is the only one who can download the latest versions of Master Slider and include it in the theme. You as a theme user may use Master Slider free of charge while you use the theme that came with Master Slider (because you have a license for that theme).

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