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Auto update

To activate the auto update, go to Master Slider settings > Enable Automatic Update tab, then fill Your Envato Username and Master Slider Purchase Code.

By enabling auto update feature, you will access to premium sample sliders too.


Manual update

  1. Go to your CodeCanyon account and, in the download page, re-download the plugin ( updates are free of charge )
  2. Remove `/wp-content/plugins/masterslider` directory on your website using FTP
  3. Extract the downloaded package file and find ``
  4. Extract `` directory to your computer and upload it to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory using an FTP
  5. Activate the plugin in the plugins page

(info) Please note:

You can simply remove Master Slider from Installed Plugins menu by clicking the delete button. Please notice that this will not remove any of your sliders data.