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Create WooCommerce Slider

You can create a slider from WooCommerce images simply by creating WooCommerce Slider. You need to click on Create New Slider then from the types, select WooCommerce Slider and click on CREATE

The figure below shows it on Master Slider panel.


On this page:

Configuring WooCommerce Slider setting

You can set these options to achieve what and how you want your WooCommerce slider to be. These options are described below.

CategoriesIt shows the available categories on your wooCommerce that you can choose from.
TagsIt shows the available tags for your wooCommerce that you can choose from.
Only display in-stock products.Only use in-stock products.
Only display featured products.Only use featured products.
Only display on sale products.Only use sale products.
Exclude products

Enter the product's ID that you don't want to fetch in the slider

(info)  You need to separate the product's ID by comma. For instance : 53,34,87,25.

Products numberSet the number of products that you want to have in the product slider.
Excerpt lengthSet the excerpt length for your products in the product slider.
Number of first results to skip (offset)Set the number of products that you don't want to have in the post 
Link slides to product's pageEnable the product slider links, when user clicks on the slide, it goes to its product page.

Order of WooCommerce Slider

In this part you can arrange the order of WooCommerce slides.

Order by 
DateArranges the product slides based on product published date.
Menu OrderArranges the product slides based on their orders on menu.
TitleArranges the product slides based on their titles.
IDArranges the product slides based on their ID.
RandomArranges the product slides randomly.
CommentsArranges the product slides based on number of their comments.
Date ModifiedArranges the product slides based on product modified date.
AuthorArranges the product slides based on product's author name.
PopularityArranges the product slides based on popularity.
Average ratingArranges the product slides based on average rating.
Price: low to highArranges the product slides based on their price.
Price: high to lowArranges the product slides based on their price
(info) You can set the order to Descending/Ascending by using  Order direction.

Grab the image from

in this part you can choose the type of images in the post slider.

Grab image from
Auto Select 

It selects the featured image. If featured image doesn't exist, it selects the first image in the post

Featured Image Post slider uses featured image of posts
First Image in Post Post slider uses first image of posts
Custom Image Post slider gives you an option to add images for posts
None Post slider does not select any images for posts.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider pane


Adding extra content to WooCommerce Slider

You could simply add all types of layers to a WooCommerce slide.  The only difference is on text layer. There is a new option to help you add post text contents easily. 

Insert dynamic content

You can simply add text layer on each slide and add the content dynamically by using Insert dynamic content
There are a lot of options to help you add any related post information to slide as described below.

Insert dynamic content

NameDescriptionShort code
post titleAdds the post title.{{title}}
post title with linkAdds the post title which links to that post.{{linked_title}}
post contentAdds the post content{{content}}
post content-(with length limit)Adds the post content with limited length based on the number that you can set instead of 150{{content-150}}
post excerptAdds the post excerpt, you can set the length of excerpt on "post settings{{excerpt}}
post categoriesAdds the post categories{{categories}}
post tagsAdds the post tags{{tags}}
post linkAdds the post link.{{permalink}}
author nameAdds the author name.{{author}}
unique ID of the postAdds the unique ID of the post.{{post_id}}
Post imageAdds the image of the post.{{image}}
Post image sourceAdds the image URL.{{image-url}}
The year of the postAdds the year of the post.{{year}}
Numeric MonthAdds the numeric Month.{{monthnum}}
Month nameAdds the month name.{{month}}
Day of the monthAdds the day of the month.{{daynum}}
Weekday nameAdds the weekday name.{{day}}
Hour:MinutesAdds the hour:minutes of published post.{{time}}
publish dateAdds the date of published post.{{date-published}}
last modified dateAdds the date of last modified post.{{date-modified}}
Number of commentsAdds the number of comments of the post.{{commentnum}}
PriceAdds the price of the product.{{wc_price}}
Regular PriceAdds the regular price of the product.{{wc_regular_price}}
Sale PriceAdds the sale price of the product.{{wc_sale_price}}
In Stock StatusAdds the in stock status of the product.{{wc_stock_status}}
Stock QuantityAdds the in stock quantity of the product.{{wc_stock_quantity}}
WeightAdds the weight of the product.{{wc_weight}}
Product CategoriesAdds the categories of the product.{{wc_product_cats}}
Product TagsAdds the tags of the product.{{wc_product_tags}}
Total SalesAdds the total sales of the product.{{wc_total_sales}}
Average RatingAdds the average rating of the product.{{wc_average_rating}}
Rating CountAdds the rating count of the product.{{wc_rating_count}}

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.