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In this section you can set general slide options which will be explained as described below.


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Add a new slide

You can add a new slide Under under the slides tab. You can see the list of slides that has already been added and you could also perform the related slide operations.

Add new slideCreates a new slide by clicking on Add Slide
Remove slideYou can remove the slide by clicking on remove icon.
Duplicate slideFor creating a duplicate from a slide you can click on duplicate icon.
Show or hide slideYou can show or hide each slide by clicking on  icon. Slider doesn't show hidden slides in front end.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.

Slide background and thumbnail

In this Section you can set background backgrounds and thumbnail thumbnails for your slider which will be explained below.


BackgroundSpecifies current slide background.
FillmodeSpecifies the slide background scaling method.

Here you can add Adds a thumbnail for the slide.

(info) Please note that Thumblist control should be addedto the slider or the selected template should support thumbs.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.

Slide Misc.

Here you can add a custom CSS class or id ID to each slide and .You could also add alt attribute to slide background image and etc which will be explained more, which is described below.

Class nameyou can add a CSS class to slide.
CSS IDyou can add a CSS ID to slide.
Background colorIt will be used to add color to slide background.
Alt textyou can add an alt text attribute to the image in your background of slide.
Color overlayYou can add color overlay to the slide.
Pattern overlayYou can add pattern overlay to the slide.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.