By adding this control to your slider you have access to its options as described below.

 It hides thumblist/tabs while mouse is not on slider.
 When switched off, hides thumblist/tabs over Youtube/Vimeo video.

inserts thumblist/tabs inside the slider.

Thumb background fill modeSpecifies the background fill mode of thumblist/tabs.
Align controlSpecifies the place of thumblist/tabs.
Thumblist/Tabs marginSpecifies the margin for thumblist/tabs.
AppearanceChoose thumblist or tabs.
Hide thumblist/tabs under this window width It hides thumblist/tabs under this window width
Thumb/Tab widthSpecifies the width for thumblist/tabs in pixels.
Thumblist/Tabs info heightSpecifies the height for thumblist/tabs in pixels.
Space between thumbs/tabsSpecifies the the space among thumbs in thumblist mode or tabs in tab mode.

The figure below shows these options on Master Slider panel.